What's the point of having a dynamite elevator pitch if you're in the wrong elevator?

You know your Startup has an amazing solution, but how do you know which corporate you should contact, which corporates are interested in engaging Startups, and who are the right contacts? Cold emails and LinkedIn messages leave you with an empty inbox despite the fact you know that they would love your offering.

CoVentured is the solution. Side-step the gatekeepers and endless coffees that go nowhere and make real connections with real decision-makers that are actively looking to work with Startups.

You're just minutes away from having access to these Corporates:

You're just 2 minutes away from:

Perfect Fit
Find out what these corporates are looking for

Corporates state what they are interested in including ultra-specific brief's where they want Startups to respond. These innovation opportunities are going to be filled, will it be by you?

Right Person
Messaging the right people

These C-Level exec's have put their hands in the air and said "Send us the startups!". They want to hear from you - so now's your time to give them your best shot and start the discussion about how you can work together.

Getting found (without that nasty PPC bill)

Getting found is HARD. But we have corporates trawling through our startups every day looking for innovation. Your profile will be seen by the right set of eyes, and could be the easiest commercialisation channel you'll ever find.

Let's cut to the chase...

In 2017 it's not what you know, it's who you know; and with CoVentured you're just minutes away from exploding your network. Imagine having access to the CEO of an ASX listed company - and knowing your proposal will actually be read. That's now a reality; we've done the hard work and found the right corporates that want to talk to startups, and we're serving them to you on a blue and purple platter.

Who's it right for?
Who's it right for?

Whether you have an idea, MVP, startup or an established business, you can most likely benefit from teaming up with a major corporate. Unlock everything from new channels to customers, market testing and even investment.

People with an idea
People with an idea

Know your solution is perfect for a corporate and you're worried you'll wake up one day and spot it on the front of the Wall Street Journal because someone executed on it first? Start talking with a corporate today and start the discussion about how you can accelerate your concept and get it in the market.

Early Stage Startups
Early Stage Startups

Do you just need customers? Corporates have them. Do you need investment? They've got capital too. Corporates need to team up with startups to keep an edge in the market, and your startup could be the next big partnership they make.

Later Stage Companies
Later Stage Companies

If you're already established and are worried about where your future growth is coming from, there's a good chance a corporate can solve this. Tap into the endless resources and customer-bases of the household names we have on board.

Opportunities for corporates: If you're a corporate and are interested in CoVentured, please contact us at info@coventured.com