CoVentured is a network of networks, combining the science of data with the art of people

Global data sets, global networks, human oversight and years of experience

  • Multiple global datasets are utilised, covering 100+ countries, that are diagnosed, weighted and ranked against key criteria.

  • We are a network of networks, with over 300+ global accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, VCs, industry associations, connected individuals and others.

  • Our own team of global scouts who work for us and directly source and recruit businesses against our client briefs.

Our data aggregation platform powers a unique search capability, leveraging open, proprietary and custom developed data sources we can rapidly identify, assess and rank target solution providers and emerging technologies.

CoVentured’s Quadrant model includes Quality and Relevance scoring (which we tailor to each client),

enabling us to find businesses that fit the brief and those that are outliers,

solving the problem and in a way you may not have considered.