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CoVentured Case Studies & News

How a Melbourne Corporate connected with a Newcastle Startup resulting in a sizeable investment.

The GUD brands have a long history...
Together IRT Group and mPhyt pilot a digital wellbeing platform to aged care residents.

IRT Group (“IRT”) joined CoVentured to ...
CoVentured enabled Pfizer to connect with Startups (Presagen, My Disability Matters and NIESM).

The Pfizer Healthcare Hub in Sydney...
How does a Startup know which Corporates want to work with Startups, and how do Corporates identify the best Startups to work with?

The relationship between...
Innovation Bay Founder Dinners bring together emerging tech entrepreneurs and investors in a relaxed environment.
Fujitsu Innovation team has introduced Templogger to the tech leads of various business sectors to help solve client problems.
REIQ connected with 40 Australian Startups who showcased at the Real Tech event. REIQ and these startups are exploring partnerships opportunities.
Metigy an AI marketing platform is being rolled out to thousands of new SMB customers in partnership with Optus.
Vodafone's search for the Top 100 5G Startups leveraged the CoVentured network. They're currently connecting with these startups to explore collaboration with Vodafone.
Commonwealth Bank and connected through the Commonwealth Bank Digital Workplace Challenge run on CoVentured.
Daisee were the winners of the DXC Technology Insuretech competition which was run through CoVentured. Daisee is now working on a partnership with DXC Technology.
Floodmapp is a flood mapping platform that has engaged with many Corporates through CoVentrued.
CoVentured is supporting the growth of She births by enabling them to find Corporates to connect with.
Corporate Startup Relationships: Good things take time

Time is money for Startups. With limited resources and runway it’s important to...
Corporate Startup Relationships: Don’t propose on the first date

Many would agree it’s a little foolish to propose a partnership on the first date...
Juliette CEO of FloodMapp: The Secret to sending a great first message to Corporates

What’s the secret to getting the Corporates’ attention on CoVentured?...
What Startups Should Know Before Contacting a Corporation

Corporations ('Corporates') are becoming increasingly interested in working...

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