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Scaleups / November 11, 2020

Increasing the efficiency and productivity of your team, no matter where they are.

The Need. Many companies are facing a new reality that requires a flexible working environment. Document and information management strategy changes as a company scales, grows, and reforms itself. It’s a process that never really has a finite end. It’s an ongoing process that is part of a critical need for any business – efficiently managing, accessing and processing the…

Scaleups / August 21, 2020

Make better, more informed CSR, ethical supply chain & modern slavery decisions

The Need. Consumers, employees, stakeholders and regulatory bodies are demanding to know that the products they buy are made in socially, ethically and environmentally conscious ways. Getting this wrong can sway purchasing decisions. Millennials in particular expect companies to adhere to socially and environmentally responsible practices and to tell consumers how they are doing so. Thus, supply chain best practices…

Scaleups / August 13, 2020

Thinking beyond your own data silos

The Need In the past, executives could only look to the data their own organisation collected and stored for competitive insight. With the emergence of new data sharing, alternative data access and governance technologies, business executives now have the opportunity to change tact and think beyond their own data silos. The Solution We have found a platform that solves the…

Scaleups / August 7, 2020

Find out who can actually do the job you’re hiring for…quickly & on scale.

The Need Traditional job interviews don’t do the job (pardon the pun). Hiring candidates on scale, or in technical roles, can be difficult and it’s difficult to avoid bias. The challenge is how do you screen people in, rather than out? Existing recruitment process can be long; a three-stage assessment of candidates: a phone interview, followed by attendance at an…

Scaleups / July 21, 2020

Quickly understand your risk using open-source intelligence.

The Need. In today’s digitalised world, there are voluminous levels of publicly available data that can be used by companies to reduce risk; to assess and reduce fraud, gather data on employees/customers or their associations, investigate or clarify potential fraud before it happens, streamline data gathering, or increase personnel safety. Importantly, in a time where physically locating people, talking to…

Scaleups / June 11, 2020

Rapid digital transformation for businesses in food services or venue management

The Need. On the other side of COVID, merchants and their customers’ willingness to adopt in and out-of-venue/restaurant digital technology will increase dramatically; 220% increase in food delivery during lockdown* 95% of customers want to use online payment 65% of patrons would prefer to order from a digital menu on their phone post Covid-19 Within the current environment venues and…

Scaleups / May 22, 2020

Overcoming the challenges of the (rapid) shift to online commerce.

The Need. The retail sector needs to be prepared for the two ecommerce waves that are coming so their businesses can survive and be ready for revival on the other side. Currently we are in the first wave – the people who normally fill shopping centres haven’t disappeared, nor have they stopped shopping. Instead they are crashing servers and online…

Scaleups / May 20, 2020

Stabilise, change, speed up or end contractual relationships…on scale.

The Need. The need for businesses to stabilise, change, speed up or end their contractual relationships in current times has been across all sectors and borders…in some sectors this is on scale. As business navigates through this the practical challenges around managing multiple and complex contract changes demand resource and process that are able to flex with the need and…

Scaleups / May 12, 2020

Do you know how emerging tech and the future of work will impact your business?

The Need. Rarely, if ever before, have business managers navigated such a confluence of events as the COVID-19 outbreak is triggering today, which combines immediate social and economic shocks with potentially repositioning the technology roadmap for their business around efficiencies, automation, and the future of work. Which emerging technology will have the most impact on your organisation? When? What will…

Scaleups / May 4, 2020

Upskilling staff remotely

The Need. Around the globe, the COVID-19 outbreak is changing the way people work and learn on a massive scale. To reduce the risk of contagion and keep people healthy, organisations are reducing in-person interactions in favour of greater use of virtual platforms. Over the weeks and months ahead, these experiments will likely yield lessons with a longer-term impact. In…

Scaleups / April 29, 2020

Ideas for recovery

Moving beyond #fixingproblems to #BeyondCOVID) The first priority for every organisation so far this year has rightly been crisis response. It has been about looking after people and trying to cope with increase/pivot/decline/armageddon (and possibly more than one). This is well known so we won’t reiterate what has already been experienced first hand. Beyond this point it is clear that…

Scaleups / April 24, 2020

Re-enter & use buildings safely after COVID

The Need. For the foreseeable future, COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way our world operates. While many corporations have adopted work-from-home policies, eventually people will come back to work. As businesses plan their return to their offices and other places of work post COVID-19 we all want buildings and processes where everyone feels (and is) safe. To achieve this there…

Scaleups / April 22, 2020

Corporate Care Pack Week #2

For the last few weeks we have been trying to help by finding emerging businesses that are solving the types of problems larger businesses are having. Normally, we would charge for this, but these are not normal times. So, here is a summary of Week 2 – if you would like to contact any these businesses please let us know….

Scaleups / April 21, 2020

Corporate Care Pack Week #1

For the last few weeks we have been trying to help by finding emerging businesses that are solving the types of problems larger businesses are having. Normally, we would charge for this, but these are not normal times. So here is a summary of Week 1 (Week 2 tomorrow) – if you would like to contact any these businesses please…

Scaleups / April 20, 2020

Improve the working capital for buyers & suppliers

The Need. Cash flow management, particularly in times of COVID-19, is one of the biggest struggles of running a business. As a corporate your suppliers can find themselves in a position where they are cash flow poor and need to look for alternative funding options. They are turning to different funding options such as bank loans, credit cards, factoring, supply…

Scaleups / April 16, 2020

Replacing fear with credible data. Using video and AI to track social spacing in the workplace.

The Need. The need to for businesses and government to remotely monitor people, movement, assets, and anomalies is increasing exponentially as we move through the COVID-19 pandemic. Having remote oversight of crowds forming and people movement to quickly assess situations is critical in keeping staff safe, or enforcing these measures. The Solution. We have found a platform use uses live video and…

Scaleups / April 16, 2020

Get your products to your customers, quicker.

The Need. The disruption of consumer supply chains caused by the coronavirus pandemic is driving both decline and surge in warehousing demand. Lockdowns have triggered an upheaval in consumer buying patterns and the rapid adjustments will give way to longer-term changes in how companies manage their supply chains. That will likely include more robust e-commerce operations and more “safety stock”…

Scaleups / April 14, 2020

Reduce risk by knowing who you are dealing with.

The Need. As we work through the impact of COVID-19 the need to stay across the viability of your value chains, the status and compliance of companies you deal with, and governance of the individuals you partner with is critical…particularly cross-border. How do make sure you actually know the partners you are dealing with? While this complexity opens up possibilities…

Scaleups / April 14, 2020

Remote guidance for customers & staff

The Need. As COVID-19 continues to spread it’s important that businesses, municipalities, and other organizations do their part to keep their teams safe and reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Remote help can help staff and customers stay safe by offering a remote alternative to in-person advice without sacrificing the quality of an inspection. This is particularly important for staff who typically spend…

Scaleups / April 8, 2020

Remotely creating performance and operating habits that stick

The Need. Your people still need to be high performers…perhaps more-so now than ever. We can probably agree that our resilience is being tested right now, but how we react to times like these varies greatly from person to person. One person may be enjoying the ‘silver linings’ of these tough times, making the best out of a bad situation….

Scaleups / April 6, 2020

Take the guesswork out of operational expenses

The Need. At a time when good, accurate cash management is keeping companies alive there is increased importance on knowing exactly what your operational and capital expenses are now, and what they will be into the future. This accuracy can create surety around the current financial position, particularly with assets such as property and plant, and enables confident decisions by…

Scaleups / April 3, 2020

Understanding how COVID-19 is impacting your business in real-time

The Need. Finding actionable insights in customer data at scale is hard, particularly in reduced timeframes like we are experiencing at the moment. The outbreak of COVID-19 requires companies to have an up-to-the-minute view on their customer dynamics and the impact this may have. At a time where business direction can change in a day – it’s important that you…

Scaleups / April 2, 2020

Coping with large groups & multilingual video calls

The Need. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic group events have been cancelled, everywhere – not just those that would typically be held at an event centre, but inter-company groups or external partner and planning sessions that just cannot happen with travel bans, self-isolation and working from home challenges. As safety precautions stay in place the list of event cancellations is…

Scaleups / March 31, 2020

Make working at home safe & compliant

The Need. Employers are responsible for ensuring that they are aware of the health status of their staff and that they have what they need at home to be able to work safely. The business world needs technology that will empower workers to be safe and productive as they Work From Home (WFH). As most organizations are doing their best…

Scaleups / March 29, 2020

Health & safety, comms and management of employees during COVID-19

The Need. As all businesses are doing their best to manage the impact and potential downsizing of workforces during the COVID-19 pandemic, one business we have found has been assisting their clients manage the many challenges involved in the health and safety of their contractors and suppliers, as well as their workforce.  The Solution. This business works with a number…

Scaleups / March 27, 2020

Sharing employees rather than letting them go

The Need. The global economy is facing unprecedented stress, with companies standing down huge numbers of staff, while other sectors (telecommunications, IT, specialist manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical and the supermarket and grocery industry) are facing unprecedented demand. (our blog on Monday will highlight a business that streamlines on-boarding on scale for these high growth sectors) There has never been a greater…

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