About Us

CoVentured helps Corporates and Startups connect to find opportunities for pilots, partnerships, co-creation, vendor relationships, and investment.

Corporates increasingly acknowledge the need to engage with their own Startup ecosystem, yet many Corporates do not have an easy way to identify, communicate, and connect with Startups.

At the same time, Startups are increasingly trying to engage with Corporates as Corporates can offer industry expertise, access to a customer base, investment, and legitimacy, yet it is difficult to understand where in the Corporate is there current interest to engage with Startups as well as who are the right decision makers.

Despite good intentions, these issues lead to significant amounts of time wasted which is costly for a Corporate, and damaging for Startup.

CoVentured enables Startups and Corporates to search, identify, track, and engage with each other and enables Startups to better understand where there may be current opportunities within the Corporate by searching the ‘Interest Areas, or ‘Challenges’ section of the Corporates profile.

CoVentured is powered by the Slingshot Accelerator, a leading corporate accelerator which runs programs for large Corporates such as the Qantas ‘Avro Accelerator’ and is supported by leading technology vendors, VCs, workspaces, Startup community organisations and the Startup media.