Avoid RFPs & tenders

Our platform helps our clients avoid the thousands of scaleups that could help, to find the one that can.


No more RFPs & Tenders

Our PPR tool reinvents the way corporates explain their problems & connect with global scaleups.

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Global Networks

Our platform automatically weights & ranks global scaleups based on their quality & relevance to the problem

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We connect you with the one scaleup (or more than one if needed) that is already solving your problem.

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Procure & Engage

No more unqualified vendors. We provide you with the procurement data you need upfront.

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The types of problems that we solve

Current problems

Managing contractors remotely - global petroleum company wanting to track contractor time, materials used and payment reconciliation.

Adherence to drug prescriptions - global pharmaceutical business seeking data on when a patient has taken prescription medecine.

Keyless car entry - government department wanting to consolidate technology for staff accessing a large fleet of cars.

Smart buildings - smart door manufacturer wanting to update remote access technology & integration to current marketplaces.

Strategic challenges

Increasing online retail revenues - large retail landlord creating micro-fulfilment centres & lastmile delivery within shoppong malls

Reinventing sports viewing - global sporting body changing how their events are experienced, at the gam, at home and via broadcast

Supply chain inefficiencies - global steel producer wanting to increase accuracy and remove manual measurements from residential roofs under construction

Sustainable packaging - manufacturer of seals and adhesives wanting to move to sustainable packaging for trade & DIY customers

Problem driven sourcing

Our PPRs change how corporates solve their problems. Don’t tell the solutions what you want (like an RFP), rather ask them how they would help.

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(Proven, Procurement-Ready)

PPRs let you tap into the collective wisdom of global scaleups & find solutions you might not have considered.

View validated scaleup info

Don't waste time on businesses that are not ready to work with corporates. PPRs automatically validate each scaleup's customers & other criteria.

Quality & Relevance are key

Our platform automatically scores and ranks global datasets and our networks of people, finding the one business in amongst the thousands.

Each problem is different

Source single, multiple or clusters of solutions to solve a problem.


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into a panel

Business models

Select different solutions and combine to solve a problem

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