Typically, you need to map a list of requirements to solve a problem. This is difficult as it assumes you understand how to solve the problem and that you have all the good ideas.

...this also narrows the solution mix... ​

Our approach is to focus on the problem and use the emerging tech ecosystem to source the answers, including outliers that you may not have considered. ​

This is how our clients are solving their problems.

Procurement shouldn't be so hard

We work on BAU problems, future business opportunities, and mid to long term strategies...often at the same time.

A global petroleum business managing their human and physical assets offsite

A global sports body reinventing the way their sport is experienced

A retailer creating an online platform to accurately measure a customers size

Construction company creating new income through leveraging current assets

A Pharmaceutical business encouraging and rewarding patients to stay on their medicinal plans

A UK based telecommunications company looking to make the most of new 5G capability

We have done this 200+ times

We help large companies solve problems & create opportunities.

Focus on understanding the problem you’re trying to solve

Access our global networks of emerging technology

Our proprietary approach combines the science of data with the experience of people

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