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Where Startups and
Corporates Connect for
 Pitch Events

Welcome to CoVentured.

Where Corporates go to Innovate.

Startups give Corporates the ability to access new thinking, leverage new technology and move faster. But how do Startups know that they should be talking to you? And how can you let the relevant Startups contact you in a controlled manner that brings structure to how you handle initial Startup interest?

CoVentured is your front door to the Startup world.

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Where Startups go to grow.

CoVentured is here to connect you with the right Corporates and help your Startup grow.

We do this by helping you:

  • Find Corporates relevant to you
  • Send direct messages to key decision makers
  • Apply for exclusive Corporate programs

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Where Startup Communities go to support.

We connect Startups with the wider Startup community including Accelerators, Incubators, Associations, VCs and Co-working spaces.

Reach more Startups to let them know what opportunities there are to work with you.

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See how CoVentured helps Corporates and Startups connect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Programs are posted by Corporates, Accelerators and Associations to give Startups the opportunity to apply to attend events, to solve business problems and even to get investment.

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